Monday, February 23, 2009

Book Idea

How about a book called How To Have Fun.

This is for all the people too stressed, or mad, or sad, or scared to have fun anymore. So many!

Chapter one: Dance at least once a week. Take a lesson. Force yourself to start. In no time you'll be having fun.

Also dance is a great way to work out. working out isn't generally much fun, but it is when you dance!

Chapter two: Play music. If you are sad you can play a sad song. If you are stressed you can just play meandering patterns of notes. Playing music is great stress relief. G is good for some moods, B minor for others. Again, at first you may have to force yourself to start. But once you are playing, well, the world is in your hands, born aloft by the strains of your song.

Chapter three: Everything you don't like to do can made into a fun game that you do want to do. This is just a theory. I'm not certain it's always true. But I'm pretty sure.

For instance, signing bills is no fun. But if you work on a really fancy signature, then it is more fun.

Making money can be a real drag too. But if you turn it all into a game, not so hard. Let's play the "resume game". Now let's play the "interview" game. Once hired it's time play the "employee" game.

Or better yet, start your own business. Pretty soon you'll be laughing up a storm. It's hard, but it's fun.

Hard can be fun. Soft can be even funner. Love, funnest.

Chapter four: To play with language is fun too. That's why saying "funner" is funner than saying "more fun".

Digressing is also fun. More about that later.

This morning I accidentally said I felt "growzy". That was super fun. Somehow I confused "drowsy" with "grouchy" and came up with a new word.

The other day I came up with another good one, "craughing", for when you are laughing and crying all at once.

You really know you're having fun when you are craughing.

Chapter five: When something ceases to be fun, time to get serious.

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